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Wholesale Forage & Turf Seed

Our Business Is Growing Yours.

We’re a wholesale seed supplier – but our business is really about growing yours.

Our company first got its start handharvesting Canada’s native grasses along roadsides. We saw the hardy species of clover, bluegrass and wildrye not only as an asset to our own country but for the value they could bring to others.

We went from trading truckloads of forage and turf seed with our Canadian and American neighbours, to exporting container loads of seed to China and Europe.

You don’t just get into business by the truckload before building relationships.

Our team brings a personal touch to all that we do. We work with growers to maximize quality and yield. After harvest, the seed is transported to our accredited processing facilities, where it’s cleaned, analyzed, coated or treated, blended, bagged, shipped and tagged according to our customers’ specifications. Our team pays as much attention to market and crop conditions as it does to managing seed production. Our people are the futures market. They gather information on pricing and growing conditions from around the world and share it freely with customers – and even our competitors.

We do this because it’s a small industry where we’ve got faces to names. We don’t spend a lot of time marketing ourselves – instead, we meet in person to learn about people’s businesses and needs. We don’t pitch ourselves to potential customers – we let our experience, problem-solving abilities and customers’ success speak for us.

In the seed industry, challenges and problemsolving is the only constant. We’re up against narrow windows for deliv ery, sometimes doing 12 months of business in 60 days.

We’re up against Mother Nature, the fluctuating crop and market conditions worldwide, and logistics for fulfilling customers’ large-scale orders right when they need them – and that’s before we customize the bag size, design and tag to each customer’s unique needs.

But we know we’re only as good as the latest solution we find to grow your business.

We’re continually searching for ways to benefit your business. And even if the benefit to us isn’t immediate, it always comes through long-term. Because the best way to market ourselves is to build long-lasting trust and relationships with our customers and industry partners. Growing your business is our business, after all.


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