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Seed Coating

BrettYoung seed coating is designed to give your seed every chance to succeed. The precise layering of nutrients, pesticides or growth promoting additives on-seed provides value added benefits. At our state-of-the-art, computer automated seed coating facility we can enhance the appearance, handling and agronomics of your seed.

BrettYoung Seed Coating Facility Highlights

  • Computer automated batch coating has gentle seed handling and precision placement
  • Precise layering or pelleting creating separation from additives 
  • Fluidized bed dryer temperature is computer controlled
  • Robotic bag handling system
  • Facility is designed to exceed Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA) guidelines for safe handling of crop protection products

Give your seed the Ultracoat™ advantage

Ultracoat™ is a proprietary seed coating that improves the appearance, handling and agronomics of our top forage and turf products.

The benefits of Ultracoat start with the polymer, where it is specially formulated to have exceptional durability providing uniform seed coverage and on-seed setting. The polymer uses talc which has a plate-like cellular structure that readily adheres to seed. Better adhesion means improved flowability and less dust for the user. The Ultracoat polymer is bacteria friendly and pH neutral, supporting high rhizobia levels and compatibility with other growth promoting additives ensuring optimum on-seed-survival.    

Value added forage & turf seed tailored to your needs

Ultracoat is available on most forage and turf species and can be tailored to customer needs. In addition to the proprietary polymer, inoculants and fungicidal seed treatments can be precisely layered to optimize nitrogen fixation and seed health.

Consider adding OMRI-certified Nitrogen Gold® for consistent delivery of high levels of nitrogen fixation through specially selected natural rhizobia strains. As well as, Apron XL® fungicide to protect against diseases that can inhibit emergence, plant stand, plant health and ultimately yield potential.

Forage Species Turf Species
Alfalfa Kentucky Bluegrass
Clover Creeping Red Fescue
Other Legumes Perennial Ryegrass
Orchardgrass Tall Fescue
Bromegrass Bentgrass
Native Seeds  



  • Helps with flowability and accurate seed placement
  • Consistent seed appearance and improved visibility in the soil
  • Seed environment conducive to improved germination and seedling survival
  • Custom layering of inoculant to consistently deliver high levels of nitrogen fixation
  • Custom layering of fungicide to aid in plant health