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Seed and Crop Inputs

What's New at BrettYoung

BrettYoung™ will be introducing TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology for the 2020 growing season. These two new varieties will feature the unique high-performance genetics you expect from BrettYoung canola with enhanced flexibility and weed control. Watch for them in trials this summer and look for additional details later this fall. These new varieties will complement our existing lineup of top performing Roundup Ready® canola varieties with the proven performance of 6074 RR and 6090 RR, which boasts Clubroot protection. BrettYoung’s new ClearField® canola variety, BY 5105CL, showcases an industry first – Clubroot protection coupled with high-yielding genetics (105%**).

Our Elite® soybean lineup continues to advance with several new varieties, providing growers with a diverse range of products that are tailored to fit the specific needs of most farms. A highlight is the introduction of the new soybean variety Amirani R2, which delivers ultra-early maturity (000.5 RM) with high yields and the unique pod height advantage Elite soybeans are known for. This follows on the high performance experienced by growers with products introduced in 2019 like Karpo R2 (00.2 RM), Sunna R2X (00.3 RM) and Vidar R2X (00.8 RM). These Elite soybean varieties are quickly growing in popularity because of the strong yields and solid agronomics package they deliver.

Lastly, we’re proud to announce BrettYoung has been recognized with the “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” designation for the second consecutive year. The award, which focuses on Canadian-owned and managed companies, is especially gratifying because it recognizes overall business performance and the efforts of an entire organization. In turn, we want to thank all customers, the long-time loyal and the new, for trusting in BrettYoung and the products we represent. We know we need to work hard to earn your business every year and our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations every time.

Recent News

BrettYoung Announces Wayne Unger's Retirement

Posted: Nov 16, 2021

After over 23 years in a leadership role within BrettYoung, Wayne Unger will be retiring December 31, 2022. Wayne joined BrettYoung in 1998 and has been involved in the Canadian forage and turf seed industry since 1995.

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