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Turf Covers

Canadian winters can be very harsh on putting surfaces, especially those with higher percentages of Poa Annua. 

Damaged turf can lead to damaged revenues in the spring, so if you’re thinking of making the investment in turf covers, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Think about permeable covers as a blanket that helps the soil hold in heat for quick green up in the spring. Permeable covers also block harsh winter winds to prevent desiccation. Ultimately, permeable tarps are built for protection – not for moisture management.


Consider impermeable covers for moisture management. They require more set up; in most cases you want to have an insulating layer. They also require more maintenance over the winter and may require blowing air to exchange gases. However, impermeable covers can provide a higher level of success and are often the best solution for greens prone to ice damage.

Our Brands


Mother Nature can throw a lot of challenges at turf over the winter: crown hydration, desiccation and direct cold temperature kill to name a few.
Since 1996, GreenJacket® has been taking on these challenges with their patented, industry-leading “IMPERMEABLE” winter turf protection. We can confidently recommend GreenJacket turf covers to clients in any climate, and we know you’ll be confident in your turf cover investment for years to come.

Tarp Devil

TarpDevil™ is an Ontario-based company that entered the turfgrass industry in the fall of 2017. They brought a new solution to reduce the burden of collecting and deploying covers on golf courses, sportsfields and equestrian arenas. It’s a tractor-mounted, hydraulicallycontrolled cover management system that significantly reduces the labour required to manage tarps in spring and fall.
TarpDevil and BrettYoung have an exclusive distribution partnership within the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We are proud to offer their industry-leading, Canadian-made solutions to our customers.