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Pond Treatments

Good water is crucial to maintaining healthy turf.

We offer ways to keep your turf healthy by keeping your water sources clean, without relying on chemicals, and no matter if they're big or small.

We can effectively deal with algae in an all-natural way with a three-step approach:

1. Black Dye
An emerging trend, Black Dye ensures you eliminate sun/energy from penetrating to the bottom of your pond where weeds start to grow. Keep your bottom black all season long to reduce weed encroachment.

2. Blast®
An initial Blast® application reduces the likelihood of weeds feeding on nutrients in the water, keeping unwanted green organic matter out of your pond.

3. AquaSpheres
AquaSpheres are your season-long preventative program to reduce weed formation. For 30 days, AquaSpheres release all-natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes to consume the excess nutrients in your water, keeping it clear of weeds.


Along with this three-pronged approach to keep algae from forming, you can keep your pond water clean for aesthetics and irrigation by increasing the oxygen present in your water with BioBoost.

Having a clean irrigation pond will eliminate clogging of sprinkler heads, irrigation lines and filters.

Our Brands


Since its conception, Healthy Ponds® has strived to find natural solutions to enhance and clean pond water. Founded in 1995 as a research and development company, the Healthy Ponds team focused on creating safe and innovative ways to improve pond-water quality. Its products enjoy high success rates in treating ponds and larger bodies of water, which are ecologically balanced. And they help control issues such as algae in a natural way.


A game-changing subsurface aeration system that outperforms any other diffuser, BioBoost forces the rising column of bubbles through cross-fluted channels. As the bubbles slow and spread, they have more interaction with the surrounding water, which increases oxygenation. By dramatically increasing the area of the rising water column, BioBoost creates greater turbulence throughout the water, eliminating stratification and promoting off-gassing.


For over 50 years, Precision Laboratories has raised the bar with innovative chemistries and technologies to give golf superintendents and turf managers products that are sensible and effective. They are committed to using resources properly and efficiently. Whether it’s saving water, getting the most from fertilizer and plant protection applications or saving labour, Precision Laboratories designs products to give you the best crop using the least number of inputs necessary.


SensiPro™ by Sensient offers superior, efficient and accurate visual application colourants that are up to 96% pure dye. Ready-to-use for increased convenience, accuracy, efficiency and savings, the SensiPro™ brand of products includes Pond Colourants, Spray Pattern Indicators, and Dual-Purpose Colourants available in liquids and granules.