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Granular & Liquid Fertilizer

Fertilizer has been a huge part of the foundation for BrettYoung’s Professional Turf Product portfolio since the business was founded. The fertilizer portfolio continues to grow and evolve year-over-year and is one of the reasons why superintendents, turf managers, and landscapers choose BrettYoung products across Canada.

Our industry is facing more and more pressure to reduce pesticide use and move to Integrated Pest Management programs. That means we need to be as efficient as possible in the way we fertilize, water and mow.

Here are a few turf nutrition tips to consider for your program in 2020:

When margins are tight, granular blends offer great value. Many pre-mixes contain a spectrum of nutrients, but you may want to target a few specific needs this season. Talk to us about our in-stock and custom blend options for addressing key deficiencies.

The nutrients you’re applying to your turf are only as effective as the plant’s ability to absorb them. If you’re going to invest in high-quality fertilizers, consider these factors:

  • Fertilizer formulation: Plants absorb carbon-based formulas much more effectively, so you can often use less product.
  • Ionic nutrition: Plants need to convert raw materials. Using product with nutrients already in an ionic form is the fastest way to get nutrients into the plant.
  • Chelating and Complexing: Chelation of cations and complexing of anions helps to increase uptake, reduce tie-up in the rootzone and improve tank mix compatibility.

Typically, the slower the fertilizer release rate, the higher the product cost. However, controlled-release fertilizers may enable plants to withstand heat, moisture or stress, saving you recovery applications later. They also provide a labour savings with fewer applications, better control of growth and reduced disease pressure.