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Soil Testing

We offer exclusive soil testing and recommendations through Logan Labs and Soil First Testing who in turn provide our customers with the highest soil testing standards in the industry. They provide accurate and consistent results from the highest of caliber facilities. Through Logan Labs we offer Standard Soil Tests, Saturated Paste Extracts, Water Tests, Olsen P tests, Nitrate Nitrogen and others. Please contact your BrettYoung representative and they will get your soil tests done! 

A, B, C's of Soil Testing

Getting Started

  1. Base Line Testing – Test all primary sites. Tees, Greens, Fairways, Sports Fields in either spring or fall. Use a 3 year rotation to ensure all sites are being monitored. For problematic sites, establish a monitoring program to evaluate progress. This practice will build the foundation for a solid program.
  2. Monitor Testing – A consistent monitoring program can show any potential changes in the soil and will help us to stay ahead of any problems that may occur. Soluble Paste Extract tests should also be run to determine nutrient mobility in the soil. This combination of tests will help us better understand what nutrients are truly mobile in the soil.


Standard Chemistry Tests – This shows percentage of the basic cations on the soil colloid, soil pH, cation deficiencies, organic matter percentage and standard anions. This provides enough information to make basic recommendation to help balance the soil.

Water Testing – Water testing needs to be taken from the end of the irrigation line and not the pond. These need to be taken the same time each year.

Paste Extracts – Water Soluble Tests that provide a host of information, primarily what nutrients in the soil are actually soluble. It also provides a soil bicarbonate test, which can indicate if the soil surface is being sealed off by high levels of bicarbonates.

Other Tests – Tissue tests or physical tests may be suggested during the season based on the evaluation of the standard chemistry tests.

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