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Liquid Fertilizer

Our Brands

Redox Turf 

A plant is 44% pure carbon, so it’s easy to see why Redox Turf’s carbon-based fertilizer formulas offer such efficient uptake.
Through improved nutrient complexing and chelation, we’ve seen superintendents apply 10 times less nutrient and get the same benefits. This ROI equation, along with Redox Turf’s focus on managing turf stress, are two of the reasons we’re proud to recommend their products.

Plant Food Company Inc.

With drought becoming more frequent, water quality issues are not going away. That’s why we partner with Plant Food Company.
Many of their products are formulated with a unique, long lasting acid which helps to buffer water quality issues – and improve playability, while releasing tied-up soil nutrients. We’ve worked with Plant Food Company for more than 10 years, and they have proven that they care about Canada’s many unique courses and want to help them solve their individual challenges.