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Granular Fertilizer

BrettYoung offers a wide range of granular formulations, with granulation sizes to satisfy a variety of professional uses. Including our Greens Grade products with an SGN of 90, our Mini Fariway Grade products with an SGN of 150, and our Fairway Grade products with SGNs ranging from 150 to 220. 

Our Brands


Tru-prill® is BrettYoung’s own homogeneous fertilizer, and the formulations in our product line are trusted by superintendents around the world. These fertilizers have a very fine particle size. After application, simply turn the water on and Tru-prill disperses into the canopy. There’s no mower pickup, and the golf ball isn’t influenced by it. Tru-prill fertilizers also have multiple slow-release nitrogen sources and comprehensive formulations, so you can reduce your granular inputs and increase turf health.

Mineral Builder®


Melt + Spray®