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Erosion Control

There are a lot of variables that make each erosion control situation unique. At BrettYoung, we have solutions for every erosion control issue under the sun.

We offer a complete lineup of hydraulically-applied erosion control products, erosion control blankets and accessories that are engineered to excel under even the most extreme conditions.

Sprayable or hydraulically-applied products are growing in popularity – and with this comes a number of efficiencies thanks to busy R+D departments. There are more choices available, and the application equipment is not only getting quieter and safer, but it’s also quicker and more efficient. That means less product is needed to complete a job.

Blankets and turf reinforcement mats, typically used for anchoring and enhancing vegetation on slopes and in channels where water flows, are evolving too. Today’s designs enable better airflow, and the mats are even finding their way into unique uses like reinforcing greens on golf courses. It’s a popular way to protect surfaces while letting air in.

Sustainability in our industry is constantly progressing. You’re seeing it in the erosion control market as more people move away from products and accessories that contain plastic and look to use natural, biodegradable materials like hemp, coconut fibres and straw. Look no further than the cotton netting replacing plastic netting, or the wood and biodegradable corn starch stakes/staples making their appearance.

Our Brands


Seed is our passion, and it was the reason our founders first started the company in 1934. Since then, we’ve led the industry in the development of high-quality, specialized varieties designed to perform on any project site across Canada and around the world.


Profile® Products is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic erosion control technologies and offers the industry’s leading lines of wood, cellulose and wood-cellulose blended hydraulically-applied mulches. 

We proudly carry their extensively researched products that provide proven, eco-friendly solutions for establishing vegetation and preventing erosion in most environments. 

Profile Products’ emphasis on research, and the information they’re able to provide to back their products, is unmatched in the industry.


An important part of our portfolio is HydroStraw, LLC, a hydraulic mulch company that constantly strives to provide the best in erosion control solutions.

With its wide base of knowledge, products and expertise, HydroStraw is able to deliver a diverse slate of cost-effective mulch products. They are specially formulated with straw fibre and other natural materials to satisfy your needs and requirements. 


Since acquiring their competition (North American Green), Western Excelsior Corporation is the leading manufacturer of rolled erosion control products in the U.S. With facilities located across the country, Western Excelsior helps ensure product gets to us when we need it, quickly and easily, so we can pass on the same level of service to you.

Western Excelsior is dedicated to continuous research and development, with all of its products engineered for top performance, manufactured for quality – and provided with an assurance of engineered environmental stewardship. Their rolled erosion control products come in straw, coconut/straw and 100% coconut varieties, helping to prevent destruction while blanketing nature with nature.

Western Excelsior stands behind their products, and that’s why we’re proud to recommend their brand. If a product ever fails you, they will not only replace it – they’ll cover the loss of any product, seed, fertilizer or topsoil that was caused by the failure. It’s one of the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees.