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Control Products

There’s one topic dominating the pest control conversation these days: the upcoming cancellation of iprodione. The loss of this active ingredient will forever change the Canadian fungicide landscape.

Here’s what you can do to prepare for the change:

Losing iprodione will put more reliance on DMI and SDHIs – two mode-of-action groups with the highest susceptibility to resistance of any fungicide group. Slow the development of fungicide-resistant disease by including iprodione in your pest management program, and get effective control while you can.

Our Brands

Bayer is a leader in the professional turf market with its innovative portfolio of plant protection products, and BrettYoung is proud to partner with them to deliver you the service and solutions you need. With Stressgard® Formulation Technology providing increased plant health, you can open your golf course earlier in the spring and manage through tough summer stress better than ever.

Nufarm continually invests in research and building their knowledge base. They’ve extensively tested active ingredients, tank mixtures and rotation strategies for insect, weed and disease control, and they supply us with solid advice that we can share with our partners. With many new formulations added to their portfolio in the last few years, make sure to consider Nufarm products as part of your program.

BASF focuses on results, which means better turf and better plants. As an innovation company, BASF brings the largest pipeline of new products to the turf industry, ensuring that the grass we care about is healthy and robust in an ever changing environment. We are proud to add BASF to our portfolio, so that together we can bring to market leading fungicide technologies that provide an excellent level of protection against even the most challenging pests.