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To Infinity and Beyond – Trust JRM for your cultural practice needs

Posted: Mar 23, 2020

At the core of all healthy, productive turfgrass stands a foundation built on strong cultural practices. Through all the ups, downs and rigours of a growing season, it’s this foundation of cultural practices that allows your turfgrass to thrive and withstand everything Mother Nature throws at it. We know time is valuable – the window to execute your aeration, verticutting and even everyday mowing can be extremely tight. So, when you get the opportunity to take on these tasks you need equipment inputs that will perform at the highest level. For that reason, we align ourselves with a superior aftermarket supplier of aeration tines, bedknives and mower blades that bring you durable and trustworthy materials to help you get the job done right.

JRM Inc. is our preferred partner when it comes to input supplies for aeration and mowing equipment. Their goal is to make quality turf management products that last longer than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, which aligns with everything we strive for at BrettYoung.

The importance of completing efficient aeration, verticutting and mowing is crucial, thus JRM Inc. is proud to produce effective, robust and high-end aftermarket materials for turf maintenance completed throughout the season.

JRM’s line-up of hollow aerification tines feature harder, thicker steel walls for increased durability and lifespan. They also feature a tapered inside tip to eject a cleaner core and pull more material than many OEM tines. JRM’s goal when producing aerification tines is to ensure the quality and lifespan is unmatched, making the jobs of superintendents and turf maintenance technicians easier.

In 1997, JRM developed the industry’s first carbide tip tine and trademarked it DILLENNIUM™ and what stands out is noticeable durability and longevity. JRM’s DILLENNIUM™ hollow tines are designed to allow golf superintendents to aerify all the greens on an 18-hole golf course without having to switch out the tines, saving time and money.

More recently, JRM introduced their INFINITY tine which features a proprietary “harder” steel and an extra heat treat process to protect the tip of the tine. These tines allow users to achieve consistent hole depth and diameter throughout the entire aerification process. The INFINITY solid tines stand out against typical OEM solid tines for the ability to last 2-3 times longer and provide a more consistent hole depth and outside diameter.

A challenge many superintendents and turf managers face in a season is maintaining a high quality of cut on greens, tees and fairways. JRM lineup of top-quality, high-carbon, high-alloy steel bedknives are a great tool to help produce a quality of cut superior to anything else on the market.

The DURANIUM-801® bedknives were made to hold an edge longer and require less grinding, all of which ease the jobs of equipment technicians, superintendents and turf managers. JRM’s lineup of bedknives is extensive, offering a variety of thickness choices to fit all major manufacturers.

As you can see there’s a pretty clear trend when we compare JRM products to OEM products. When you choose JRM aeration tines, bedknives and mower blades, you are choosing quality, durability and longevity. Choosing BrettYoung and JRM will not only make all of your cultural practices run smoother, but will save you time and money as well.

For more information on JRM Inc. products please contact your local BrettYoung sales representative.