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Packaging & Blending

We are proud of our ability to build, create and expeditiously ship custom forage blends tailored to your needs. Blend recommendations take into consideration the desired management system, moisture, soil and other environmental conditions to create a high quality blend that will outperform. Our experienced Account Managers can help you determine what forage species and improved varieties are best suited to achieving your  production goals.

As a forage seed supplier, we offer a complete portfolio of improved alfalfas, legumes and grasses that deliver in-demand characteristics and exceptional performance. Using the breadth of our portfolio we can custom build a multi-species legume and grass blend adapted to your needs. Plus, we have the ability to apply various growth promoting seed coatings at our state-of-the-art, computer automated seed coating facility. Choose BrettYoung as your seed supplier, custom blender, and seed coater providing an all-in-one forage solution.

From 50 LB bags to mini bulks, we can package your custom blends in private label, BrettYoung or Purebred branded bags.