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Clover Varieties

Clovers are rapid growing biennials or short-lived perennials. They are quick to establish producing high quality forage. Primary uses include hay, silage and soil improvement – due in part to an ability to grow in a great range of soils, climates and fix nitrogen.

Group Variety Use Production Period Winter Hardiness
Berseem Clover Hay & Cover Crop Summer - Fall Annual
Crimson Clover Hay & Cover Crop Summer - Fall Annual
Red Clover Single Cut Hay & Pasture Spring Good

Sweet Clover​

Norgold Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover Hay & Pasture Spring of secound (biennial) Good
Alsike Clover Aurora Hay & Pasture Spring Good
Double Cut
Red Clover
Juliet Hay & Pasture Spring Moderate
Wildcat Hay & Pasture Spring Moderate
Bearcat Hay & Pasture Spring Above Average
White Clover White Clover Pasture Spring - Fall Good