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Benefits Of Seed Production

Risk Diversification

Producing forage and turf seed allows producers to expand their rotations and diversify risk. Many of our seed producers have incorporated forage and turf seed production as a regular part of their cropping plans.

Agronomic Benefits of Grass Seed Production

  • Early harvest splits up fall workload
  • Increases organic matter, helps improve less productive or questionable soils
  • Some species have tolerance to salinity, alkalinity and acidity
  • Break-crop effect of grasses will benefit following annual crops

Agronomic tip – turf crops are high moisture and nitrogen users. Many producers have had success following turf crops with soybeans or peas.

Agronomic Benefits of Legume Seed Production

  • Improves soil tilth
  • Low input user
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Late harvest splits up fall workload
  • Break-crop effect of legumes will benefit following annual crops

Economic Benefits of Seed Production

Forage and turf seed production has an excellent profitability track record. It has consistently penciled out at or near the top in profitability. Many of BrettYoung’s seed production contracts allow growers to lock in these high price levels and do not limit upside, which can really help add to a farm’s bottom-line.

 Try our perennial ryegrass margin calculator to estimate what profits could be on your farm.